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Teaching people how to slow down so that they can level up.

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As a best-selling author, I love to assist people with amplifying their voices by telling their stories.

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Hello, my name is Tiffanie! 

Hello, my name is Tiffanie Collazo, and I help women who are ready to break free from imposter syndrome, burnout, their worries about what others think/say, and overwhelm. I did the most, yet inside, I felt like an imposter. I was so worried about what people thought of me. I was overwhelmed by microaggressions about my race, my education, and my life choices. I was completely burnt out! I felt stuck.

Don’t ever let anyone lead you to believe that personal growth and development are not necessary for life. After 27 years as a nonprofit innovator, I needed both badly. It didn’t matter that I had successfully been responsible for providing leadership in several areas including development, capital campaigns, media relations, grant management, relationship building, board relations, project management and team building.

It didn’t matter what others told me that I should do, or what I planned to do. I needed an awareness of self, an understanding as to why I showed up or didn’t show up in the ways that I did.

I needed to slow down and get to know myself. The real me and not the me that someone else created in their mind/eyes.

If I was ever going to level up, I needed some thangs!

To begin to prioritize myself, my needs, my desires, and my life, I needed a specific strategy/plan to correct ideals or behaviors that no longer serve me. I couldn’t find what I needed in the Marketplace so I created it!

I’m the creator of The P.A.U.S.E. Personal Development Method, the only 5-tier personal development method that educates women on how to slow down so that they can level up. This system focuses on prioritized self-care, affirming self-talk, usurping your power, strategic life planning, and then executing & achieving that plan.

I believe that it is high time to stop apologizing, own our gifts and take up space with confidence!


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